Country Deep

“I purposely chose this campaign to feature right after Copa America to demonstrate the versatility I strive for as a voice actor. When AT&T reached out for me to scratch a demo for their new app - demo means record a sample, typically for free - I knew they had heard my work, but were concerned about my ability to give them that ‘down home sound.’ I jumped on Youtube and typed in ‘southern accents.’ Now, I’ll admit, I have a one up because my grandfather was a Texan, but I wanted to inspire my ears.

After about a half hour of listening I decided to do a test run. Yup, it was time to grab a cup. Now, I do have a local spot I prefer, but they all know me. Instead, I drove about fifteen minutes to find a new coffee shop. I walked in and placed my order. The clerk immediately said, “Where are you from?” Mission accomplished! I jumped in my jeep, drove home and tracked the audition you’re now listening to.” - Dustin James Leighton

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