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101: Art of Voiceover

In this step-by-step course you will learn the correct approach and process to becoming a voice actor. Step one is an important exercise to help you identify your brand. From there, Dustin introduces the tools necessary to help you build your career by breathing life into written copy whether commercial, promotional, animation or narration.  


201: Business of Voiceover

As a voice actor in the entertainment industry, understanding how the business works will be critical. From creating demos to networking, and learning how to navigate agents, contracts and other legal considerations, Dustin provides concrete examples from his two decades of voice acting experience to help you carve out a path that protects all your rights and interests.


301: Building A Home Studio

This course will ultimately save you money, time and headaches by answering all those difficult technical questions up front. You will learn a step-by-step approach to build your own broadcast quality recording set-up. Through Dustin’s easy-to-follow break down, you will turn an intimidating process into a clear path through the technical jargon, gear choices and what you need— and do not need— to record like a professional. 

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Rick Nolan

"I've taken several online classes ranging from acting to  screenwriting to directing. Most are with a master teacher whom, while it's an honor to learn from, doesn't necessarily leave a student with an effective 'how to approach.' Dustin's lessons are smart, concise and easily applicable. It's rare to find someone with his credentials that can actually teach! I'm happy to be part of My Voice World."

Tara Meyers

"I'm an on-camera actress first. Voiceover has always interested me, but I didn't know where to begin. My Voice World has given me a wealth of knowledge. And, I've undoubtedly become a better artist overall! Dustin doesn't just teach voiceover, he teaches us how to navigate the ride this business can take us on."

Trevor Wilx

"People have always told me I had a good voice. I never knew what to do with it. Becoming a member of My Voice World, taking Dustin's courses, and being able to consult with him along the way has helped me find a path I'd never have otherwise walked down. He's helped my dream come true!"

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