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online class for how to be a voice actor

101: Art of Voiceover

In this step-by-step course My Voice World teaches you the correct approach and process to becoming a voice actor. Step one is an important exercise to help you identify your brand. From there, Dustin introduces the tools necessary to help you build your voice acting career by breathing life into written copy whether commercial, promotional, animation or narration.  

online class for the business of voiceover

201: Business of Voiceover

As a voice actor in the entertainment industry, understanding how the business works will be critical. From creating demos to networking, and learning how to navigate agents, contracts and other legal considerations, My Voice World provides concrete examples from his 15 years of voice acting experience to help you carve out a path that protects all your rights and interests.

Building a Home Studio for Voiceover work

301: Building A Home Studio

This course will ultimately save beginning voice actors money, time and headaches by answering all those difficult technical questions up front. You will learn a step-by-step approach to build your own broadcast quality recording set-up. Through My Voice World’s easy-to-follow break down, you will turn an intimidating process into a clear path through the technical jargon, gear choices and what you need— and do not need— to record like the professional voice actor you’ll become.

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“I am grateful for Dustin creating My Voice World. I was in a training rut before I started his courses and he helped me grow and be a better voiceactor. With his tools and coaching, I feel more confidence when I’m in the booth and incorporating the 5 W’s is key in ALL my voiceover reads now. Have Dustin be a pivotal game-changer in your VO career!”

- Emily Mares


“Having taken quite a few voiceover workshops online from different coaches over the years, it was clear to me very early on — that Dustin not only has a very solid understanding of the craft, but also a gift for sharing that wisdom in a clear, understandable way through My Voice World.”

- Rich Miller


“My voice would always get fatigued when I would audition or record. I just thought that was a normal side effect of VO. Within the first 20 seconds of our VO workout My Voice World clued me in to something- I was trying too hard. Trying to hard to make my voice sound like what I thought it should, instead of just using my voice and letting it's naturalness come through. That, and not the work, was what was wearing me out. That simple little tidbit has come into the booth with me every single time since then and it's made recording so much more enjoyable.”

- Andrea Salazar


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