What is an Affiliate?

It's simple: By becoming an Affiliate you can start receiving a 20% commission for new referrals to My Voice World.  

How does the Affiliate Program work?

Once you register every time you refer a new student who purchases a My Voice World course, you get paid.  

Sounds great: How do I register?

Simply click on this link. You’ll be directed through the steps to enroll in the school. 

How do I receive commissions?

Once you complete enrollment , we will review your information and activate you as an Affiliate. From there you will receive a confirmation email (from mvw@theartistsdeninc.com) within 24 hours. 

Then, you’ll want to log back in so that you can acquire your Affiliate Link. It’s located under the Affiliate menu tab now active on your profile. All you need to do is provide this for one or more potential students. Once they sign up, the 20% commission goes directly to your account! 

Under the Affiliate tab you’ll also find information regarding Transactions and Payout Details. As a new Affiliate you’ll need to click on Payout Details and input your Paypal email address to receive payment. If you don't have a Paypal Account simply click on this link to sign up. 

What else do I need to know?

Accounts payout monthly. To view your current commissions simply log in with your My Voice World user name and password and click on Affiliate - Transactions. Remember, you need to make sure your Paypal email address is inputted under Payout Details.

Why are you offering commission payouts?

Voice acting is a specific component in the larger realm of acting and other creative endeavors. Dustin’s aim with My Voice World is to create a curriculum and collegial atmosphere that fosters growth, learning and professional development that's both exciting and fun. That cycle of creative growth can only truly flourish by giving back to those already in the community.

Welcome: We look forward to you being part of our family!