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From Transformers to the Super Bowl, One of Hollywood’s Top Millennial Voice Actors

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Career Highlights

All campaigns listed are prior to 2017. Current on-air work is confidential per client request. Older highlights summarized.


2016 - Dustin hits his 5,000th session as a voice actor.

2016 - Promo voice for Heaven Sent.

2016 - Promo voice for College Basketball on Fox.

2016 - Promo voice for Franklin Templeton Shootout.

2016 - Industrial voice for CA Technologies

2016 - Commercial voice for Desert Schools

2016 - Animation voice for the new video game Aspect Ratio.

2016 - Kicks off College Football for Fox.

2016 - Commercial voice for Thrivent radio campaign

2016 - Animation voice for the new video game Dark Future

2016 - Promo voice for Dave Malkoff's Show on The Weather Channel

2016 - Promo voice for Emmy Nominated Barely Famous Season 2 on VH1.

2016 - Industrial voice for NSCLC.

2016 - Industrial voice for History and Honda's partnership launch.

2016 - Commercial voice for Honda's Suddenly Winter radio campaign.

2016 - Promo voice for Katie Nolan's Emmy Winning Show Garbage Time as well as Copa America on Fox Sports.

2016 - Commercial voice for Proactive

2016 - Promo voice for Hap and Leonard on Sundance TV.

2016 - Promo voice for Attention Deficit Theatre on the CW. 

2016 - Promo voice for Sunday Night Must Watch Movie on Sundance TV. 

2016 - Promo voice for Ex-Wives of Rock and Profiles for AXS TV. 

2016 - Promo voice for US Women's National Soccer Team for Fox Sports 1. 

2015 - Commercial voice for Wendy's National Campaign for their new Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger.  

2015 - Industrial voice for First Responders

2015 -  As featured in the New York Times, Fandango renews Dustin's contract as the commercial voice of their 2015 - Summer 2016 campaign featuring Kenan Thompson.

2015 - Dustin kicks off the NFL Campaign for Fox Network.

2015 - Playing Randall in the new Walking Dead video game.

2015 - Commercial voice for NatureBox. 

2015 - Portrays Justin Thomas Wilson in the feature film Just the Vampire Hunter

2015 - Playing Drakul in the animated series Rogue

2015 - Centurylink renews Dustin for his twelfth consecutive year. 

2015 - Commercial voice for Absolute Vodka. 

2015 - Promo voice to kickoff VH1's Candidly Nicole: Season 2

2015 - As Network voice of Fox Sports 1 brands Women's Soccer for Algarve Cup and Men's Soccer for Concacaf Gold Cup along with FIFA World Cup 2015. Also launches this seasons baseball lineup!

2015 - Commercial voice for his second year on Fandango's Commercial Campaigns. 

2015 - Commercial voice for Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty. 

2015 - Promo voice for CW's Funniest Commercials Special. 

2015 - Narration voice for Clear Path's Climate Change release. 

2015 - Commercial voice for Silverpop.

2015 - Commercial voice for Goodwill's radio campaign. 

2015 - As Network Voice of Fox Sports 1 voices campaigns for Monster Jam and Super Bowl kickoff for America's Pregame and Fox Sports Live. Dustin also kicks off Nascar for the Sprint Unlimited and brands TUF21 (The Ultimate Fighter).

2015 - Promo voice for E Entertainment's Lunchbox Wars. 

2015 - DHL contracts Dustin to voice their 2015 International IVR Release.

2015 - Promo voice for VH1's Barely Famous.

2015 - Hits his 3,500th session as a voice actor.

2014 - Promo voice for CW's Hart of Dixie.

2014 - Commercial voice for AT&T's Deep Country App.

2014 - 'That Don LaFontaine Trailer Guy' for Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears.

2014 - Narration voice for Smithsonian Channel's 1 hour special, Secrets of the Hive.

2014 - Promo voice for The Weather Channel's Wicked Weather.

2014 - Trailer voice for Adult Swim's The Boxtrolls commercials.

2014 - Becomes Network Voice of Fox Sports 1. 

2014 - Signs with Toyota to voice their new 2015 Camry television commercial. 

2014 - Promo voice for The Ultimate Fighter 20 - Women's Division. 

2014 - Narration Voice for Sledgehammer Games' Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - International Release.

2014 - Promo Voice for USA's Burn Notice.

2014 - Promo Voice for Conan360.

2014 - Narration voice for Square Enix's Murdered: Soul Suspect.

2014 - Promo voice for Spike TV's One Night Only.

2014 - Promo voice for VH1's Hit the Floor and VH1 Thursdays featuring LeAnn and Eddie, Candidly Nicole, and Dating Naked. 

2014 - Signs on to Fox Networks to voice Fox Sports 1 Super Bowl Daily including Pepsi's Get Hyped for Halftime Commercials featuring Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers at Super Bowl 48. And continues on to voice campaigns for Nascar, Baseball, Alpha8, FIFA World Cup 2014, College Football and more. 

2014 - Promo voice for USA's White Collar.

2014 - Commercial Voice for Fandango 2014 in the celebrity-infused campaign featuring Kevin Hart, Joely Fisher, Chelsea Kane and more.

2014 - Dustin portrays Trevor in his second leading role to be released at Red Box, Sickle. 

2013 - Trailer Voice for Elder's Scrolls. 

2013 - Promo Voice for A&E's Emmy Nominated Series Bonnie and Clyde. 

2013 - Commercial Voice at AMA's. 

2013 - Trailer Voice for Splinter Cell Blacklist.

2013 - Promo Voice for The Weather Channel's Strangest Weather on Earth.

2013 - Portrays Nick Andrews in Out of Focus, an official selection of Cannes Film Festival 2013.

2012 - Universal's Red Carpet for Transformers the Ride 3D. Dustin narrates the ride as the new voice in franchise, Autobot Evac. 

2011 - Signs on to Universal's Feature Film, Take Me Home Tonight. 

2010 - Hits his 1,000th session as a voice actor.

2010 - Portrays Preacher, a lead in Electronic Art's new Medal of Honor Franchise.

2009 - Signs on to Lifetime's Television Pilot, Maneater.

2009 - Portrays Frank Harden in his first leading role to be released at Red Box, Redemption.  

2009 - Recreate's Owen Wilson's role of Jedediah in the video game release of Night at the Museum 2. 

2009 - Commercial voice for his first Super Bowl Spot, Vizio.

2008 - Signs on to Spike's Television Pilot, SIS.  

2008 - Promo voice for Weeds on Showtime. 

2008 - Promo voice for Accidentally on Purpose and How I Met Your Mother on CBS.

2006 - Signs on the first of currently twelfth year contract to voice DHL's IVR.  

2004 - Signs on to the first of currently fourteenth year contract to voice Qwest's (Now Centurylink's) IVR. 

2004 - Commercial voicer for Ford California.

2003 - Commercial voice for Michelob Lights' national radio campaign with Owen Wilson.

2003 - Commercial voice for Nissan.

2002 - Signs with ICM. 

2001 - Cast in the Los Angeles Revival of Xanadu Live.

2000 - Guest-stars on Law and Order.

1999 - Cast in the 20 Year Anniversary Revival of Torch Song Trilogy. 

1998 - Dustin makes his debut New York Television Appearance on the Soap Opera, One Life To Live.